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12. was an English colony in which the king gave land to proprietors in exchange for a yearly payment. 13. was an English colony under direct control of the English crown.

14. What does the name Pennsylvania mean?

15. are Protestant reformers who believe in the equality of all people.

16. How did William Penn believe the Native Americans should be treated?

17. are crops that are sold for money at market.

18. Who took over in place of George Calvert?

19. What is a plant used to make a valuable blue dye?

20. What was the main purpose of founding Georgia?

21. are people who owed money they could not pay back.

22. What was the Middle Passage?

23. were laws that controlled the lives of enslaved African Americans and denied them basic rights.

24. is the belief that one race is superior to another.

25. Define mercantilism.

26. What is the difference between exports and imports?

27. What were the series of English laws in the 1650’s that regulated trade between England and its colonies?

28. What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts?

29. New England merchants who dominated colonial trade were called .

30. is a group of people who have to power to make laws.

31. was the movement in 1688 that brought William and Mary to the throne of England.

32. A written list of freedoms the government promises to protect is called a .

33. What TWO things were promised to citizens in the English Bill of Rights?

34. What was the highest social class in the 13 colonies called?

35. A person who agreed to work without wages for a period of time in exchange for passage to the colonies was called a(an) .

36. What is a public school?

37. Who is a person who learns a trade or craft from a master?

38. is the movement in Europe in the 1600’s and 1700’s that emphasized the use of reason.

39. was one of the more important figures of the Enlightenment movement.

40. Who was the inventor/community leader/printer who printed Poor Richard’s Almanack?

41. is the act of publishing a statement that may unjustly damage a person’s reputation.

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