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In an essay of approximately 300 words, create a compelling letter from a highly qualified applicant for this position, describing, among other attributes, his or her past experience, volunteer and community service activities, and formal education. Job Title: Management and Program Analyst

Department: Department Of Homeland Security

Agency: National Protection and Programs Directorate


Are you interested in a job where your primary purpose will be to provide managers with objectively based information for making decisions on the administrative and programmatic aspects of operations and management? Then consider joining the Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP), National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Come work with the best to prevent and deter terrorist attacks, protect against and respond to potential threats, ensure safe and secure borders, welcome immigrants and visitors, and promote the free flow of commerce. This mission of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is carried out every day by the dedicated men and women who answer the noble calling of public service with courage and enthusiasm. With a diverse and critical mission, we lead the unified national effort to secure America. In today's interconnected world, our country's security challenges are constantly evolving. To meet these challenges, DHS fosters a culture that values and promotes diversity, teamwork, flexibility, and innovation. In Headquarters, we coordinate, plan, and guide the Department's work across all DHS components. You could enjoy a career that includes research, administration and management, legal work, budget and finance, cyber security, infrastructure protection and intelligence analysis. Our services touch every U. S. citizen, and our goal is to secure our country across land and sea. Come join the team that is "Proud to Protect."

Ten terms to be used: security, analysis, experience, college degree, computer experience, foreign language, volunteer, military, cooperation, collaborative.

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In an essay of approximately 300 words, create a compelling letter from a highly qualified applicant...
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