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What is pie r squared

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Find the slope of the line below . enter your answer as a fraction or decimal. use a slash mark ( / ) as the fraction bar if necessary
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Barney & noblet customers can choose to purchase a membership for $25 per year members receive 10% off all store purchases 1. how much would a member pay per year if he bought $50 worth of items each year? 2. write a slope-intercept equation that expresses how much a member pays per year using x to represent his purchases per year 3. how much would a member have to spend per year to pay off his membership fee?
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Write 5(6x+4)-2(5x-2) in the form a(bx+c) where a,b and c integers and a> 1
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Which statements are true for the functions g(x) = x2 and h(x) = –x2 ? check all that apply. for any value of x, g(x) will always be greater than h(x). for any value of x, h(x) will always be greater than g(x). g(x) > h(x) for x = -1. g(x) < h(x) for x = 3. for positive values of x, g(x) > h(x). for negative values of x, g(x) > h(x).
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What is pie r squared...
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